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TYCTA, LLC is a marketing service that assists car collectors who are looking to sell or buy collector cars. Joe Bortz has been a car collector for over 50 years and is knowledgeable about the best way for collectors in “Letting Go” and downsizing their collection. Whether you have one car or one hundred cars Joe can help you with the sorting out process. You can read about Joe's personal collection (not for sale) at www.BortzAutoCollection.com


About Us

contactJoe (54K) Joe Bortz has been collecting cars since the early 1960s and has collected Antiques, Classics, Ferrari's.In the 1980's he started focusing on concept cars and in 2006 he returned to his first love - motorcycles. Boats have also played a big part in Joe's life. Please visit www.BortzAutoCollection.com for more info on Joe's collection of cars & motorcycles in videos, articles and pictures.

After retiring Joe used his auction experience to assist friends in getting their vehicles sold at auction. In 2010 Joe decided to expand this service and created TYCTA, LLC (Take Your Car To Auction, LLC), a hobby/business that would help collectors who were interested in buying and selling vehicles at auction but weren't quite sure how to go about it or just didn't have the time. So whether you have one car or an entire collection, Joe can help you! Use Joe's experience and knowledge of auto collecting to help you make intelligent decisions in selling and/or buying your car(s) at auction.

For more information:
Joe's cell: 847-668-2004
call: 847-433-7777
fax: 847-433-0277
e-mail: TYCTALLC@gmail.com

Or write us:
P.O. Box 280
Highland Park, IL 60035.